Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to wear costume at all rides? No, for most events just ordinary modern cycle wear is fine, but there are some events where historical clothing appropriate to the period of the bicycle or event is definitely encouraged to create the right spirit of the occasion. Just click on the events tab, and check the “Dress code” suggestions for each event.
  • Can I hire a classic bicycle and vintage clothes so that I could participate? Yes. Send an email and we can point you in the right direction.
  • Is there a membership fee? No, we are not a club however, there are a few costs such as CCT insurance, and regular participants are encouraged to contribute a modest donation to help with these costs but it is not mandatory.
  • Can I turn up to an event just in costume without a bicycle? Yes of course. In fact there are several in the group who turn up in magnificent historical attire but don’t even possess a bicycle! Just check the events tab to make sure that the event is based at a central location, or you may feel a bit awkward if the rest of the group cycles off in the distance leaving you alone all dressed up with nowhere to go!
  • Does my bicycle qualify as a classic bicycle?  We really are not too purist or fanatical in The Classic Cycle Group. The whole idea is to enjoy the ride, however we do try to encourage pre-1980 Classic Bicycles, Tricycles, Tandems, Retro or classic reproductions.
  • I am concerned that I may get left behind or may feel embarrassed if I am unfit? Most of us enjoy slow cycling and use heavy, old bicycles – hence the short mileage rides, and nobody will be left behind. Someone will always take the rear guard and stay with the slowest rider. Our oldest participant is over 80 years young, and of course children are welcome to participate too. Speedy, fit cyclists with lighter bicycles are encouraged to take a longer route to burn off energy and meet us later at the point of our social gathering.
  • I would like to participate, but I haven’t got a classic bicycle. If you don’t have a classic bicycle, don’t worry – it is amazing what a few ribbons and flags, an old tomato box or wicker basket and a little imagination can do to dress a bicycle to look oldy-worldy, and if you are looking for an old bicycle, we may be able to point you in the right direction.
  • I would like to participate but I don’t have any vintage clothes. One of the best sources is the Lanes in Brighton where there is plenty of choice. Also there are one or two excellent specialist vintage clothing shops in Bexhill, and of course the charity shops in Bexhill are a wonderful source too.
  • Do you distribute flyers and leaflets or attend weddings, commercial opening ceremonies, film sets or special occasions in costume? Yes, usually weekends only and provided we are not already booked.